1380 "Size Matters" Mini / A Series Long Sleeve T-Shirt

1380 Size Matters. Since the creation of the "A" series engine tuners everywhere sought to modify it to make the cars it powered quicker and quicker. In 1959 when the Mini hit the streets it was powered by a meagre 850cc "A" series unit. This was all right for the district nurse and a trip down the shops, but some had other ideas. John Cooper came along and a variety of engines followed up to 1275cc powering the famous Cooper S. This still wasn't enough for some, and bigger "A" series engines have been the norm ever since in the quest for real power. As the Yanks say "there aint no replacement for displacement" proving that size does indeed matter!

Build Specification for your 1380 Long Sleeve T includes:-
A 100% Cotton 205gsm body available in a choice of 4 cool colours.
A unique slogan on the front designed by tartanred.com that reads "1380 - Size Matters" printed in white and black.

A celebration of a legend.

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