IN-NY 18 Audi S1 Evolution2 Sport Quattro Canvas Wrap 03

IN-NY 18 is an Audi S1 Evolution 2 Sport Quattro, one of the wildest Group B Rally Cars ever built. At the beginning of the 80s Audi had caused a storm in the rallying world by launching the Audi Quattro - a 4 wheel drive turbo charged flame spitting superstar that won rallies instantly. Prior to the Audi Quattro 4 wheel drive was for Land Rover’s, pick up trucks, and farmers. The Quattro changed everything and set the course for the future of rallying.

In the early eighties the rules governing how manufacturers built cars for racing and rallying were relaxed slightly to allow manufactures to push forward with radical technical developments by building just 200 examples of the vehicle. Group 4 made way for Group B. Largely unrestricted Group B was the wildest era in world rallying producing some stunning cars with incredible performance that is to this day unmatched. The cars looked and sounded amazing with big wings and flame spitting exhausts and there was only a handful of drivers in the world that where brave enough to try and tame them. Group B was finally banned in 1986 after a series of fatal accidents.

While Audi had already enjoyed great success with the long wheelbase Quattro by 1985 other manufactures were rising to the challenge with cars such as the Peugeot 205 T16 and the Lancia Delta S4.
Audi fought back with a lighter and shortened version of the long, heavy Quattro, but wilder things were to follow. IN-NY18 was built by Audi Sport in 1985 to take on the challengers and crush the opposition. It was based on the short wheelbase Quattro and came some 530 bhp from the five cylinder engine revving to 8300rpm, big wings, wild styling and some very special equipment. Fitted with the "PDK" gearbox developed in conjunction with Porsche this allowed "flat shift". It was fearsomely quick and could reach 62 mph in 2.6 seconds and 124 mph in just 10 seconds. The S1 may not be the prettiest Group B car, but it certainly proved to be one of the quickest.

Walter Rohrl debuted this car fitted with the “PDK” gearbox on the Austrian Semperit Rally as a shakedown for the 1985 Lombard RAC Rally just 13 days later. It was devastatingly effective and Rohrl was fastest on all 24 stages and won the event by 19 minutes. Rohrl described driving the car as follows: "DRIVING THE E2 was like travelling on a bullet. And every corner felt as if the car would ricochet... It became even more extreme when we built the PDK gearbox into it... The PDK made the acceleration even crazier... Sometimes the E2 scared me when I dropped the clutch at 4500rpm. It was like an explosion". The cars debut in the UK wasn’t quite a successful crashing out of the 1985 Lombard RAC Rally with a violent roll down an embankment on the Rheola stage.

A word from the photographer – “I was lucky enough to witness Group B first hand on several occasions. One such occasion was November 1985, and I will remember it forever. The event was the famous Lombard RAC Rally (now Rally GB) and at the time traversed the whole country over 4 or 5 days covering nearly 1500 miles. In 1985 teachers across the UK were on strike and many a child had a bonus day off school. On a Thursday in November whilst many manned the picket lines my father (a big rally fan and also a teacher) took me to Grizedale Forrest in the Lake District to watch the biggest stars of world rallying battle it out. We arrived very early and stood on a frozen ice covered up hill hairpin in “Grizedale East” eagerly awaiting the rally cars.

The air was still, and very cold. Fans lined the slippery frozen forest track wrapped up in the obligatory parkas, cagoules, and bobble hats. Although many people lined the road it was relatively quiet, fans waiting patiently. Then in the distance the peace was shattered with unmistakable sound of a Rally Car sat on the start line of “Grizedale West”. Engine revs rose,… clutch out and the first car was on its way, scrabbling for grip on the icy surface, and rocketing through the stage.

For almost a minute you could hear every gear-change, every blip of the throttle and all happening several miles away. As the minutes ticked by more cars were now into the stage and the unmistakable sound of Tony Pond’s MG Metro 6R4, and Jimmy McRae & Russell Brookes in the 2 wheel drive Opel Manta 400’s echoed through the trees. The tension mounted, the atmosphere was electric and at this point we still hadn’t seen anything and we didn’t really know who would be first into view!! For what felt like a lifetime we waited – then as the sound grew louder we knew the rally leader was just seconds away. Headlights a-blaze Henri Toivonen blasted in to view in the Martini Lancia Delta S4, all 4 wheels spinning, and the supercharger whining. These cars were fearsome 500bhp machines with a brutal power delivery - Just a quick flick right then left then hard on the power as he slid through the hairpin and powered up the hill spraying the crowd with gravel, snow, an ice, and leaving a wonderful smell in the air. Wow!! Just describing it takes me straight back there and makes the hairs on the back of the neck rise.

Aged 12 I was witnessing history being made and the stuff of legends. Less than a year later I was in my local shop collecting “Motoring News” and reading with extreme sadness of the death of Henri Toivonen (and of course Sergio Cresto). After several fatal accidents sadly it was all over and Group B was consigned to the history books. I feel privileged to have witnessed it first hand and been a small part of it.” Thanks Dad ;-)

The 1985 Lombard RAC Rally was won by Henri Toivonen - Lancia Delta S4, 2nd Marku Alen Lancia Delta S4 and 3rd Tony Pond MG Metro 6r4

We offer you the unique opportunity to purchase a Giclee Canvas Wrap image printed from the original photograph by Marcus Pomfret.

Sizes available are (approximate):-
20x13" - £80.00
30x20" - £120.00
40x30" - £170.00

Printed on archival quality canvas with 2" deep frame, the image wraps around the frame to create a 3 dimensional effect. This image will brighten up any wall and is sure to be a talking point!

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